Troubleshooting and FAQs

Alarm Controls offers Tech Tips for their products to help with installation and other general questions you may have. Find the answers you need in our Frequently Asked Questions. Go directly to the Product Category in which you are interested. More questions and answers will be posted here in the future. Have tips to share? Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us!

Magnetic Locks & Accessories

Are the Alarm Controls magnetic locks weather resistant or outdoor rated?

The only locks offered by Alarm Controls that are weather resistant are the 1200WP and the 600WP.

Are the Alarm Control magnetic locks weather proof?

They are not weather rated except for the 600WP and 1200WP. 

Do you sell an explosion proof magnetic lock?

We do not offer an explosion proof magnetic lock at this time. 

What is the size of the 600S/1200S roll pin?

The diameter is roughly 5.3mm and 20 mm in length.

What maglock can I use on a cabinet?

Alarm Controls offers the 320S which is ideal for cabinets and showcases and offers 300 lbs of holding force.

Is a Bond Sensor available with the 600 and 1200 series maglocks?

You can order the maglock with the LB suffix which will provide you with LED, Bond sensor and Door status built into the maglock.

What is the rating of the Bond sensor relay?

The Bond sensor relay is a SPDT relay rated at 3 Amps.

Do I have to specify the voltage when ordering the 600 or 1299 series maglocks?

The maglocks are field configurable for 12VDC or 24VDC.

What is the part number for the maglock circuit boards?

600S-600PCB 600LB-600lbpcb 1200S-1200PCB 1200LB-1200LBPCB

How do you set the voltage for old magnetic locks with jumper?

Jumpers  on pins 1 & 2 and on 3 & 4 for 12VDC, Jumper only on pins 3 & 4 for 24v. 

Is there a template available for the 600 or 1200 series?

You can purchase the DJ-1 which will provide you with a lock installation jig for accurate and fast installation of magnetic locks.

Is there an offset armature plate available for the 1200 series?

You can order the AM6338 plate which will provide you a total of ½” adjustability (1/4” up or down from standard located mounting hole).

Is there an offset armature plate available for the 600 series?

The armature plate for the 600 series is already at 1-7/16” height that limits the ability to have an offset strike and typically should not be needed.

Do we carry replacement parts for our maglocks?

We carry some parts like header plates and hardware packs for the 1200 series as well as replacement pcb boards for both the 600 and 1200 series.

Can we order a replacement sex bolt?

While we no longer carry the hardware pack for the 600 series maglocks the 1200 series hardware pack includes the sex bolt assembly and is the same size for both 600 and 1200 series maglocks.  Part number AM6333.

Push Buttons

Do you offer a weatherproof pushbutton?

Yes, we have many weatherproof pushbuttons including the TS-14302, TS-12302, TS-32 among others. 

Do you offer any pushbuttons for hazardous environments?

Yes, we have the EXP, which is Conforms to Class I, Division I and II, Group B, C, D, E, F, G. 

Are the push buttons available with timed release?

Timed release can be accomplished with either an electronic timer or a pneumatic timer. We have both options and encourage you to contact our Tech Support department to discuss what is best for your application.

Can you order just the 1.5” mushrooms for the push buttons?

Yes, we offer them separately for replacement in numerous colors: Red, Green, Blue, Black and Yellow. Contact the factory for part numbers.

Can the text in the TS-2 style and TS-9 style buttons be customized?

Yes, we can change the text in these buttons as well as the color lens can be customized.  This is sometimes a cheaper option than screening a plate.  This goes for the timed and untimed versions as well. 

Egress Devices

What does Alarm Controls offer for contamination sensitive applications?

We offer the No Touch Request to Exit Stations. You can order the NTS-1, NTS-2 or NTS-3 sensors to reliably allow safe egress or activate a device with a simple wave of the hand.

Can you adjust the release time of the NTS?

The time delay is settable for 1 to 35 seconds.

Remote Plates

Can you get custom wording on a wall plate?

Yes. You would need to work with the Custom Solutions team to have a custom part number created. The Customs team can be reached at

Key Switches

What is the hole pattern for the ace and flat key switches?

Ace-"D" hole and Flat- double "D" hole plates

Do we have replacement keys for all our key switches?

We offer replacement keys for all of our keyed alike switches and our DE-1 and KR-1.  Any key switches that are not keyed alike we do not carry replacement keys for. 

Monitoring & Control Stations

Can the monitor stations be made with custom labels?

Yes. You would need to work with the Custom Solutions team to have a custom part number created. The Customs team can be reached at

Can you mix the type of switches in the Desk Top Consoles and Control Panels?

Yes. We offer SPDT and DPDT in both Momentary and Latching actions, illuminated and non-illuminated as well.  If you want more than one switch type it would be a custom product but can be done.

System Accessories