EB Series Request to Exit Egress Station

Single gang request to exit egress station with momentary push button switch that remains active as long as button is depressed. Choice of contact configurations ensures compatibility with most systems.


Standard Features

  • Single gang stainless steel wall plate
  • 1-1/2” red mushroom button
  • Plate screened “EXIT”
  • Momentary action switch


  • Plate: multiple finishes and widths available, specify when ordering
  • Illumination: long life LED in 6V, 12V, 24V, 120V, specify when ordering
  • GR Guard Ring
  • LUC Lift Up Cover


Certifications & Listings:  UL and CSA certified components


  • Available in any combination of N/O and/or N/C contact pairs. See table below.
  • Contacts rated 10A at 35 VDC or 120 VAC
  • Switch connection via screw terminals
  • Switch depth behind plate: 2-1/2"

Operating Temperature: -13F to +158F

How to Order Example:

EB 1 4 L2 GR
EB Momentary Operator

One N/O pair and one N/C pair  302 Stainless steel  L1 6VDC  GR Guard Ring
2 N/O pairs  White  L2 12VDC  LUC Lift Up Cover
2 N/C pairs  Ivory  L3  24VDC (blank) NONE
1 N/C pair  Red  L4 120VAC 

1-3/4" stainless   
  1-3/4" red   

Part Number Example
EB-1-4-L2-GR:  Momentary push button with one N/O and one N/C contact pair on a red plate, 12VDC illumination and guard ring