PDFT Fire Relay Module

The PDFT Fire Relay Module is triggered in response to a fire system alarm condition. Transferred power can be used to unlock doors to allow free egress in case of emergency.


Standard Features

  • Individual LED indicators show which output is powered
  • Form C contact indicates trigger status
  • Latching or non-latching mode
  • Can provide ground supervision via jumper configuration
  • Output triggers include:
  •    N/O or N/C with supervised end-of-line resistor
  •    N/C override switch trigger input
  •    N/C Auxiliary switch trigger input
  •    Ground fault detection
  •    Trigger status reporting
  • Limited lifetime warranty


Certifications & Listings

  • UL 294 listed
  • UL 603 listed
  • ULC-S318 Listed
  • ULC-S533 Listed


  • Board: 3-3/4" H x 2-1/4" W x 13/16" D
  • Mounting: 3-7/16" H x 1-7/8" W


  • 70 mA used for relay control
  • Universal 12-24 VDC input
  • 1A or 2A outputs
  • 4A rate of relay

Shipping Weight: .75 lbs [0.45 kg]