Mortise Cylinder Key Switch Stations

  • Stainless steel plate accepts standard 1-1/8" mortise cylinders
  • Depth behind plate is 1.25"
  • Switches terminated in colored leads
  • Switch contacts rated 4A @ 28VDC
  • LEDs operate on 12 or 24 Volts AC or DC
  • Tamper-proof and slotted-head screwed provided
  • Pneumatic switch model operating temperature range is +15°F to +120°F


Switch Type 1.75" Wide 1.75" Wide
Green LED 
1.75" Wide
Green LED
Red LED 
Single Gang Single Gang
Green LED 

Single Gang
Green LED
Red LED 

SPDT Momentary Action MCK-1 MCK-2 MCK-3 MCK-4* MCK-5* MCK-6
SPDT Alternate Action MCK-1-2 MCK-2-2 MCK-3-2 MCK-4-2* MCK-5-2* MCK-6-2*
DPDT Momentary Action MCK-1-3 MCK-2-3 MCK-3-3 MCK-4-3* MCK-5-3* MCK-6-3*
DPDT Alternate Action MCK-1-4 MCK-2-4 MCK-3-4 MCK-4-4* MCK-5-4* MCK-6-4*
Pneumatic Time Delay
(2 to 45 seconds)
N/A N/A N/A MCK-4-5* MCK-5-5* MCK-6-5*

*Weather-proof cover and surface mount back box available.  Add "-WP" to model number for the weather-proof option.

Mortise Cylinder Not Supplied
Model CY-1 and CY-1A sold separately