Weatherproof & Vandal-Proof Digital Keypad

  • Fully programmable from keypad
  • Operated on 12VDC nominal, 11-15 VDC, operating current 95mA
  • Mullion surface mount die cast zinc alloy housing, weather-proof to IP65 standard
  • Two programmable S.P.D.T. relay outputs
  • Output 1: capacity of 1000 user codes and/or codes
  • Output 2: capacity of 100 user codes and/or codes
  • Die cast metal keys with audible and visible key press
  • 50 visitor codes, programmable for one time use or with time limit
  • Built-in tamper switch, built-in buzzer
  • LEDs indicated keypad status
  • Operating temperature: -20 C to +70 C
  • Supplied with 2 EM cards: Model EM-10 is a package of 10 additional cards