Alarm Controls has a full line of affordable access control products to secure and control your opening. But, what if you don’t see exactly what you need in the Products section of our website?  Give us a call!  We would be happy to create a custom product to meet your needs.  In fact, we customize products so often; we have the tools and suppliers set up to handle almost anything.  Just ask. 

So, if you need a yellow push button or a keyswitch station labeled in Spanish, Alarm Controls will create a customized product for you to pick up at your local distributor. How about a monitoring/controls station with custom labels or a desk top console with custom button colors? And we can often do it in a few days. Sometimes faster.


Common Questions about the Custom Program

Why is the custom program so special?

We are able to support our customers with amazing products that not only meet their quality expectations but can also meet their design and functionality expectations.  We are able to take care of even the smallest changes like color to larger changes in the form of screening and design while in most cases keeping lead times manageable to meet our customer's deadlines.

How does the custom program benefit our customers?
By  allowing the customer to have a one stop shop for all their access controls needs while also giving them the capability to make their designs unique and fitting to their end users. 
Can you give an example of a custom project?

Desk Top Consoles!  We offer many different switch options and colors.  We can print lens to say anything you may need and we can customize the larger consoles to use other switch options and LEDs that you may never have considered. They are truly versatile and a very attractive option to controls numerous openings or access points from one location. 

What else should I know?
We can customize even the smallest aspect of many of our standard products.  You want a TS-14 with a Blue Mushroom, no problem!  You want your personal Logo on a TS-2 push button. Absolutely. You want the screen on a TS-14R to be red to match the mushroom button. Not a problem. The greatest did you know we can provide is that no change is too small and we would love the opportunity to try. It never hurts to ask because chances are we’ve made it before or would love to make it for the first time for you!
Monitoring System to Regulate Unauthorized Access

Alarm Controls Custom Program: design a monitoring system to address unauthorized building access.

Test Fixture for Service Technicians

Alarm Controls Custom Program: hand held control box to allow service technicians to complete ATM testing.

Electric Fence Disconnect for Emergency Services

Alarm Controls Custom Program: disconnect station to provide emergency access for authorized personnel.

Emergency Wall Station for Restricted Areas

Alarm Controls Custom Program: wall-mounted emergency station to signal emergencies in private areas. Silkscreened in Portugese for local language. 

Animal Operated Push Button

Alarm Controls Custom Program: outdoor-rated push button, operable by elephants at a local zoo.

Custom Program Inquiries 

800 645 5538