Branding & Logos

The following are guidelines for Alarm Controls brand and related assets:  


Our logo is always Red/Black, All Black, All White. The Red/Black logo is the main logo and should be the first choice for ALL applications where the background permits.

Download the Full Color logo: eps  jpeg

Download the All Black logo:  eps  jpeg

Download the All White logo: eps  jpeg

Clear Space:

The clear space of the logo is based on the AC "vibrating a' bug" (or icon). There should always be at least this much clear space between the logo and any other element on the page.

Minimum Sizing:

To ensure good print reproduction, the height of the Alarm Controls logo, including endorsement, can be no smaller than .025".


The Alarm Controls color palette consists of the following primary colors:


Alarm Controls uses two fonts: Arial Standard and Arial Black for all marketing pieces and packaging, letterhead, websites, emails, etc. 


Whenever the Alarm Controls logo is used, the ASSA ABLOY Group brand tagline must be used on the same page. If there are multiple pages then the tagline must go on every page the logo is used. The tagline comes in single and double line versions, each in black and white. Use only the supplied EPS files for the tagline as it should never be typed out or changed in any way.

1 line EPS (black)EPS (white)

2 line EPS (black)EPS (white)

The tagline should go on the bottom of the page and is the same width as the logo (figure 1).

Copyright, Registration & Trademark:

Copyright statement (to be used on every marketing piece):

Alarm Controls is a brand associated with Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc., an ASSA ABLOY Group company.  Copyright (C) 2016, Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.  Reproduction in whole or in part without the express written permission of Hanchett Entry Systems, Inc. is prohibited. 

Multiple Brand Usage:

When creating a piece that includes multiple brands, the ASSA ABLOY branding is to be used including its color palette, tagline, fonts, etc. Please have all materials approved by marketing prior to use. 

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